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Home Staging Has Never Been Easier!

Learn how we can work together to make your life easier and your listing more effective with these three tools!”

 Not only is selling a home a stressful process, but we here at A.I.D. Innovate Inc. understand that it can also be an emotional one. That’s why we are dedicated to offering you our high-end services that will give your home the edge needed to stand out in our current market. Contact us today to set up a consultation.


  Our verbal consultation consists of a 1-hour property walk-through where we will advise you or your client on how to best stage the home without having to disrupt your lifestyle. With expert counsel, we will demonstrate how you can market the home efficiently, whether it be by moving furniture, de-cluttering for an upcoming open house, or maximizing the area’s space for an inviting environment.


  For the busy homeowners that might need a more comprehensive consultation, the detailed report consists of a property walk-through that is followed by a thorough, room-by-room checklist that details exactly what needs to be done for each staging area. This checklist serves as a to-do list that will be emailed to you after the walk-through for your convenience.

Our goal is to make your property stand apart from the competition. With our wide selection of furniture and home accents, your home will appear more attractive to buyers and will ultimately result in buyers envisioning themselves in your lovely, stylish space.


   Ideal for vacant properties, a full staging option means that our expert designers will bring in everything needed to transform your property into a picture-perfect model.


   For properties that are still occupied, we follow a partial staging option, which enhances the furniture, accessories, and art already present and minimizes any unflattering qualities of the space. Partial staging materials could include accent furniture, wall art, flowers, rugs, pillows, and more.

As professional interior designers and stagers, we know exactly what will make a house a home-and we can give it to you at wholesale prices. Let us provide you with expert design techniques, whether it be through elegant furniture, detailed consultations, or extensive interior design work.


Avoid the hassle of driving to different furniture stores for items that you or you client can easily order from our catalog at a discounted rate. We’ll direct you on what items to buy, always keeping your taste and preference in mind.



  Our design consultations are structured at an hourly rate and are specifically intended to equip you with the knowledge you need to better select your furniture, accessories, and color schemes, giving you the confidence needed to get started.



  This option has it all, with a meticulous report on how to best design or re-design the interior’s floors, walls, color schemes, rooms, and overall presence. Because of the extensive coverage that this option offers, rates are determined based on the scope of the project.