The Design Process

For Furnishing and Accessorizing your space using DESIGN BOARDS:

1-Pictures and Dimensions
2- Generate Design Board

1-Steps Before..

You have an empty house! We're here to help!

Our team will come over, assess your house, take all dimensions needed, listen to your  needs and preferred style as well as your budget for the project. 


2-Design Boards

Our Designers then, re imagine the space, go through thousands of furniture and accessories items to find the ones that best fit your space, style and budget.

We create design boards with all the items that are picked and chosen for your space

Living area.jpg

3-Steps After...

Once you approve all the items on the Boards, orders are placed and delivered to your address.

A set up day is scheduled to put things together. 

You get to enjoy a fully furnished and accessorized professionally designed space, without a sweat!

Living Area-2.jpg


Samples of how a design board looks like


2-Design Boards

Samples of how a design board looks like


3-Delivery & Installation

Samples of how a design board looks like

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