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“Good designs come from the heart, not from the brain ”

 Danny Sengers


“I believe that good design enhances one’s ability to perform best and enjoy life’s journey.”

Sally Fam - CID, MBA established A.I.D. Innovate Inc. in Southern California in 2011 after 10 years of international experience in architecture and interior design.  During which, she provided multi-design services such as architectural and interior designs, custom design furniture, and exterior facades to multi-story buildings.


A.I.D. Innovate Inc. specializes in residential projects as well as commercial projects. With a strong background in both Architecture and Interior Design, We lend a broad scope to any project, whether it’s an original layout, a complete renovation, or an addition.


When it comes to design styles, whether working in traditional, classical, or contemporary designs, Our team uses their experience and talent to bring out our clients’ wishes and translate them into interiors that fulfill their total requirements and desires.


Sally Fam is a California Certified Interior Designer CID, graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Engineering and a Master's Degree in Business Administration.  She has a strong passion for design derived from her adoration of nature, and the Creator who made it all.

Our Design Approach

We believe that connecting emotionally and spiritually to your space’s interior design is key to finding happiness in that space. Your home/office's environment should reflect your personal journey, embrace your personality, and celebrate your culture and beliefs. It should offer peace, comfort, joy, and rejuvenation.

Our approach to design ensures that your environment energizes you and inspires productivity, while also bringing you peace and calm. Our mission and pleasure are to help you achieve these goals through interior design.  

Editorial Design

A.I.D. Innovate Inc.’s personalized approach to design ensures that no two spaces look alike and that the homeowner’s unique perspective shines always and shines through. We want to transform your design dreams to design realities.

At A.I.D. Innovate, Inc., happy clients become friends for life. 

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