“I believe that a good Design enhances one’s ability to perform best and enjoy life’s journey.”


Sally Fam - CID, is the Founder and principle designer at  A.I.D. Innovate Inc. a residential and commercial interior design firm in Southern California. 

Sally established this firm in 2012 after spending 12 years abroad working as an Architect & Interior Designer , creating custom furniture and designing exterior facades for multi-story buildings. Her international experience has given her great insight into how to best incorporate her clients’ unique cultures into their projects. 


With a strong background in both architecture and interior design, the team at A.I.D. Innovate, Inc., lend a broad scope to projects of all sizes, from an original layout to a complete renovation or addition and enjoy working in a variety of design styles, including traditional and contemporary.

Listening carefully to their clients’ wishes, Sally and her team use their vast experience and talent to translate those design wishes into realities.


Sally Fam is a California Certified Interior Designer CID, graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Architectural Engineering.  She has a strong passion for design derived from her adoration of nature, and the Creator who made it all.

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